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Just some FYI
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Just some FYI

Just some FYI

Just finished some work at the Magnolia Pancake Haus. we paint it once a year. One of the thing that keep people calling back for repeat business is honesty, top notch work, and work done in a timely manner. Living in south Texas, everyone is a professional. There are many business that do not do the kind of work we do and that makes our jobs much harder because we charge for excellent work that lasts. We have to convince people that fast and cheap doesn't always turn into quality work.  It is hot here and paint does not last the way it does in cooler climates. So if you do this kind of work, be patient and do not skimp on the quality and compromise your business.  We do very little advertising and are always working.  Remember word of mouth is the best advertising. also you need to let people know you will be there if you guarantee your work. Be polite and to the point. Sell yourself don't sell yourself short. I will be back to post some more stuff soon. Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here.
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